Rubans de poids

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  • Rubans de poids

    Rubans de poids

    Le ruban ne se déchire pas et ne moisit pas. Disponible en livres et en kilos. Disponible pour les chevaux, les bovins laitiers, les bovins de boucherie, les veaux et les porcs. Les conseils et les instructions sont en anglais et en espagnol.‍

  • Ruban Zoométrique

    Ruban Zoométrique

    The Combi Weight Measure is a specialized tool designed for farmers and veterinarians to determine the weight of cattle and pigs. This device is particularly useful for monitoring the growth of livestock, ensuring they are reaching the appropriate weight for their age and breed. It features an automatic recoil mechanism that makes it easy to use and store, retracting into a compact plastic case with the press of a button. The tape measures up to 250 centimeters, allowing for a wide range of animal sizes to be measured with accuracy and ease. For those in the agricultural sector, tools like the Combi Weight Measure are essential for maintaining the health and productivity of their animals. The Combi Weight Measure operates on a simple yet effective principle. It utilizes a tape measure that is placed around the girth of the animal, typically cattle or pigs. The tape measure is marked with weight gradations that correspond to the girth measurements, allowing the user to quickly determine the weight based on the size of the animal. This method is non-invasive and stress-free for the animals, providing a rapid assessment of their health and growth progress.  ‍



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