Kit de parage des sabots

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  • Kit d'outils pour maréchal-ferrant professionnel 10 pièces avec sac

    Kit d'outils pour maréchal-ferrant professionnel 10 pièces avec sac

      A professional farrier's toolbox is an essential component of equine hoof care, serving as a portable workstation that organizes and protects the specialized tools of the trade. These sets are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, often crafted from durable materials like aluminum or heavy-duty plastics. They feature various compartments and holders to keep tools like nippers, rasps, hammers, and hoof knives easily accessible and in good condition. Investing in a high-quality farrier set you can enhance efficiency and provide a professional setup for this vital work. The IVS Hoof Trimming kit contains one of each of the following nine hoof trimming instruments. All items are quality made to withstand heavy use as well as the misuse that may be inflicted by novice farriers. The set can be used by professionals as well as novice farrier and is designed for use on horses and/or cattle. Set includes: Casting Clinch Cutter Hoof Tester Hoof Knife Double Edge Right Hand Forged Pritchel Casting Horseshoe Hammer 12" Hoof Rasp with Wooden Handle Forged Nail Clincher Forged 14" Forged Hoof Nipper Hoof Pick with Brush ‍


  • Kit couteau à sabot

    Kit couteau à sabot

    A Hoof Knife Kit is an essential tool for equine hoof care, designed for trimming away loose and dried out sole or ragged frogs between farrier visits. The quality of these knives is paramount, as they must be durable enough to withstand the rigors of hoof trimming while maintaining a sharp edge for clean cuts. High-quality hoof knives typically feature sturdy blades and ergonomic handles for comfortable use. Proper use involves cleaning the hoof with a wire brush before trimming to remove debris and prevent dulling the blade. It's important to use these tools with caution and keep them well-maintained for the best results in hoof care. This multi-use knife set with blade variations meets all hoof cropping requirements. ‍Features• Kit includes 6 interchangeable hoof blades plus universal handle.• Blades can be changed easily with the quick release secure mechanism.• Blades are perfectly sharpened and are ready to use.• Comes in an attractive leather pouch.• Premium Quality Stainless Steel and strong screw system secures blade in wooden handle.• Ergonomic wooden handle fits comfortably in users palm. ‍



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