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  • Pince pose anneaux de castration en acier inoxydable

    Pince pose anneaux de castration en acier inoxydable

    The Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Castration Ring Applicator is a specialized tool designed for the castration of livestock such as goats, sheep, alpacas, and small calves. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for breeders. The design is slightly wider, which allows the bands to fit around larger testicles, providing versatility for different sizes of animals. It is praised for being light and comfortable to use, which is particularly beneficial for breeders with a smaller number of animals. This tool is essential for controlling breeding, managing herd behavior, and producing quality meat products. It's important to note that the applicator is used in conjunction with O-rings, which are not included with the purchase. For those in the farming industry, the castration of cattle is a significant process that impacts animal management and meat quality. It's a practice aimed at preventing unwanted breeding, reducing aggressive behavior, and ensuring the safety of both animals and handlers. The use of a quality castration tool, like the Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Castration Ring Applicator, can make this process more efficient and humane.  Light and durable, comfortable to use. Especially suitable for the breeder with small number of animals to castrate. Excellent tool suitable for castrating goats, sheep, alpacas and small calves. *O-rings not included. ‍


  • Pince pose anneaux de castration standard

    Pince pose anneaux de castration standard

    Ce modèle est légèrement plus large, ce qui permet aux bandes de s'adapter à des testicules plus larges. Poignées en plastique léger et durable, confortables à utiliser. Particulièrement adapté à l'éleveur ayant un petit nombre d'animaux à castrer. Outil très satisfaisant pour la castration des chèvres, des moutons, des alpagas et des petits veaux.‍



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