Kits de dissection et de perfusion

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  • Set de Perfusion IV avec aiguille 14G x 2''

    Set de Perfusion IV avec aiguille 14G x 2''

    The Dexco IV Set with a 14G x 2˝ Needle is recognized for its ease of use and durability, making it a preferred choice in veterinary medicine. This IV set is designed to fit standard 500mL bottles and features a pure gum rubber funnel with an air vent, ensuring a secure and stable connection during fluid administration. The stainless steel needle is chosen for its strength, minimizing the risk of bending or breaking during insertion. With 5 feet of tubing included, it offers flexibility and convenience for a variety of clinical settings. The availability of latex tubing options also provides versatility for different clinical preferences and needs Comes complete with a 14 G x 2″ disposable aluminum hub needle included  ‍



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