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Pince à encocher en U, acier inoxydable (petit)



Ear notcher “U” Shape Stainless Steel

The "U" shaped ear notcher is an essential tool in livestock management, widely used for the identification of animals through ear marking.

This notcher is designed to remove a small U-shaped piece from the animal's ear, which can then be used as a permanent mark to identify the animal.

The quality of these notchers is paramount, as they must be strong, durable, and capable of making a clean cut to ensure quick healing and minimize discomfort for the animal. High-quality "U" shaped ear notchers are made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity.

They often feature a depth gauge for adjustable depth of cut, and all cutting plates are usually heat-treated for enhanced performance.

The ease of use is also a critical aspect, with many models boasting lightweight construction and ergonomic designs to reduce fatigue during use.

Whether for cattle, swine, or goats, the "U" shaped ear notcher is a reliable and efficient tool for farmers and ranchers in the effective management of their livestock.

Use a U-ear notcher to notch piglets weighing less than about 25 pounds. Notch 6 inches long or 8mm. 







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