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Écorneur Convexe Junior



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The Convex Junior Dehorner is a specialized tool designed for dehorning young calves and goats.

It is praised for its simplicity and effectiveness, providing a clean cut with minimal stress to the animal.

The tool features a single knife aided by a buffer plate forming the lower jaw, which facilitates the entire cutting job. This design allows for the knife to be easily removed and replaced during operation, ensuring a smooth dehorning process. It is not recommended for tipping horns on larger animals due to its size and cutting capacity. The Convex Junior Dehorner is recognized for its quality construction and ease of use, making it a standard choice for farmers and veterinarians when handling young livestock.

To properly use the Convex Junior Dehorner, it is essential to follow a few key steps to ensure the safety and well-being of the animal.

  • First, the calf should be restrained appropriately to prevent movement during the procedure.
  • Locate the horn bud and position the dehorner so that the tip of the horn bud is centered in the device.
  • Apply firm pressure and rotate the dehorner back and forth until it cuts through the skin layer, making sure to free the skin completely around the horn for a full 360 degrees.
  • After the horn is removed, it is important to cauterize the blood vessels to prevent bleeding and apply a blood stop powder.
  • If the procedure is performed during fly season, applying fly spray is also recommended to protect the wound.
  • Always ensure that the dehorner is at the proper temperature before use and consider pain management practices, such as using local anesthesia or anti-inflammatory drugs, to minimize discomfort for the animal

La norme pour l'écornage des grands animaux, des chèvres et des jeunes veaux jusqu'à 8 mois. Son fonctionnement simple la rend facile à manipuler, mais elle est suffisamment puissante pour assurer une coupe rapide et nette. Poignées en bois. Longueur 26.˝ Ouverture maximale de la lame de 1 1/4. La lame à engrenage coupe contre la lame fixe pour une double action de coupe. Commande spéciale







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